Skook Pack

Why Skook?

We have been in the paper packaging business for a few years now and have come across a variety of clients. Our specialty being the restaurant sector, we became experts in the packaging required for almost any type of food. Along the way, we have seen the rise of a new group of artists, the home bakers. 

Home bakers have gained traction for a variety of reasons. They make amazing desserts that look and taste like nothing you get in the mainstream market, they use quality ingredients and can customize your cake to such levels that regular brands won’t even try. 

But we’ve seen home bakers struggle to get packaging. Manufacturers have a minimum order requirement that most bakers are not able to meet; boxes available in the market, while not very economical, rarely has quality that matches up to expectations and design options are very limited. 

These are the issues that we hope to solve with At Skook, we aim at creating boxes that match your requirements, in terms of quality and design. We use only food grade material that is absolutely safe for direct contact with your confectionaries. We aim to create boxes with current designs, those that appeal to the current generation of bakers but is affordable at the same time. We have seen the hours of effort that goes into creating the perfect tiers, the perfect sugar rose, the perfect buttercream edge and corner… You deserve packaging that compliments your style. You deserve packaging that matches up to the quality you believe in. No more plain old polka dots (which seems to be the only design available in the market), unappealing colours and bad quality. We at Skook, welcome you to a brand-new experience of packaging.