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Skook Pack Cake boxes for Every Occasion

Cakes are, without a doubt, the heart of any occasion. From birthdays to anniversaries, the sight of your favourite flavours packaged in aesthetically appealing cake boxes is all you need to get all your sweet-toothed friends buzzing with anticipation. The unsung hero in this excitement, however, is the cake box packaging as pretty cake boxes will only add to the temptation to gobble it all down. Cake boxes are essentially decorative packages that are meant to increase the overall appeal of your cake.

If you are a home baker looking to add a tasteful element to your packaging, you can get your hands on the best ones on Skook Pack. Having been in the paper packaging business for a few years now, Skook Pack offers a variety of cake boxes online along with other options of chocolate boxes, gift boxes, cakesicle boxes, macaron boxes and many more.

Types of Cake Boxes Online India Available at Skook Pack

Skook Pack is a cake box manufacturer with collections that provide a wide range of products to accommodate different kinds of cakes. Additionally, you can also choose from multiple options in terms of sizes, colours, prints and mainly types. Listed below are some of the popular choices of cake boxes that you can find online on Skook Pack:

  • Traditional Cake Boxes: These cake boxes are the most commonly used and largely available anywhere. Characterised by a plain surface made by 340gsm food grade materials, these boxes are sturdy and stylish. You can also find these in tall cake box sizes for cakes with multiple tiers. Some of the prints available include marble prints, peachy shades, etc. along with vibrant solids like yellow, red, green and more.
  • Window Cake Boxes: Window boxes are more stylish than the average traditional box and are also quite popular. They offer you a quick peek of the box’s contents through a thin plastic sheet applied on the top. This sheet is also often applied to the top and front of the box, giving more transparency and you can choose from silent night prints, florals and such.
  • Bento Cake Boxes: Bento boxes are all the rage right now and are designed to accommodate smaller cakes into a box the size of a lunch box. These are pretty, minimalist and made of bagasse material, an eco-friendly choice that will surely go a long way. Bento cake boxes are typically white in colour.
  • Hamper Cake Boxes: Nothing sets the mood for festivals more than a good old hamper pack of goodies and Skook Pack offers the very best of designs. From Christmas themed hamper boxes to mandala decorated ones, all of these rigid boxes fit the bill just right for all your sugary sweetness.


Cake Boxes from Skook Pack

Skook Pack is an online store for cake boxes wholesale and single orders that aims to provide every home baker with boxes that represent their brand. The cake box prices are affordable and convenient so you can rest assured you will get the best deal. Buy Now!