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Start it Right with Classic Cake Base

Baking is a fine art and starting anything right can often be the key to finishing it right. As far as baking goes, a cake base is what you begin with. Cake base boards are the flat surface board that the whole cake will sit on. This cake base is often decorated in different colours of foil or prints to add to the overall look of your cake. You can easily make a cake base at home itself by cutting out the wanted shape from a piece of corrugated cardboard and wrapping it as per your preferences.

However, this can often be a messy job if you are not experienced with doing it so going for the cake base online collection on Skook Pack is ideal.

Why Choose Cake Base Board from Skook Pack?

Skook Pack is one of the most well known paper packaging brands that offers wide ranges of products for every home baker’s convenience. All the available cake base boards are made of thick mill board food grade materials. Here are some of the available types:

  • Square Cake Base: You can choose from many solid and printed cake bases in the square shape. All of these can comfortably hold a 1-2 kg cake.
  • Circle Cake Base: This collection features multiple circle cake bases of various diameters in solid colours like pink, blue, white, etc. along with festive prints, marble glossy prints and more.

The affordable cake base price by Skook Pack is just what every home baker needs. You can now shop for wholesale cake bases at extremely affordable prices and enjoy free home delivery on orders above ₹1,500. This is an investment that has high value for money, especially with the multiple uses of a cake base that you can get with reusing. Take a look at the range and start shopping!