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Cakesickle Box for Your Sweet Tooth

This age is truly a blessing for all those with a sweet tooth because the list of sugary dishes to indulge in is endless. This list is topped by cakesickles, a wondrous creation that are a twist on cake pops and feature popsicle shaped cakes covered in frosting and a chocolate shell. As these are an instant hit at any occasion, it is best to stay prepared with the best cakesickle box choices in your collection.

You can now shop for these cakesickle boxes on Skook Pack, a leading paper packaging brand in India that provides home bakers with the right packaging tools to add the final aesthetic touches to their creations.

Why Choose Cakesickle Boxes from Skook Pack?

Skook Pack is the best place to shop for a cakesickle box along with others like chocolate boxes, brownie boxes, wine bags, gift bags and many more. All of these products are made of high gsm food grade papers for ideal preservation and transportation of delicacies.

The available cakesickle boxes all have a plastic film window on the top surface that will give you a look at the packaged goods. These are a few types you can find on Skook Pack:

  • Solid: Skook Pack offers the best of these in shades of red, blue, mint, green, peach, white and many more. You can find this cakesickle box online and add an elegant edge to your packaging.
  • Printed: The available prints on Skook Pack are all minimalistic yet appealing. Designed with firm materials to hold the stick of the cakesickle, in turn ensuring its safety, this is the practical option.

You can shop for these cakesickle boxes for both wholesale and single orders from as low as ₹80. On orders above ₹1,500, you can also enjoy free home delivery all across India. Take a look at the wide range and start shopping to give your brand the creative flair that is missing!